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About HyperOmics -


Provide and develop high-quality research tools for the scientific community
Who We Are...

HyperOmics Farma is a biotechnology company dedicated to offering the best products to our customers. We are involved in the production of custom-made primary antibodies and the supply of complementary reagents. As an ideal solution for proteomics-based protein discovery platforms, we will provide you with a means to gain insight into the function of known and novel proteins, receptors, signaling molecules, and regulatory proteins enabling you to validate proteins as effective drug targets or a valuable serum biomarkers necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of disease
What We Do…

HyperOmics Farma uses established procedures to generate antibodies in chickens that can be harvested from hatched eggs. These polyclonal antibodies (IgY) are localized in the egg yolk in high concentrations. Antibodies are provided in different formats: diluted yolk, purified IgY, or protein/peptide-purified IgY.
HyperOmics Farma is capable of producing several hundred antibodies at a time. Our fast and comprehensive service makes us an ideal partner for both small and large projects. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering or collaborating.
Advantages to Using Chicken Antibodies:

• Owing to the phylogenetic distance between chicken and mammalian systems, successful production of highly useable antibodies, at a much lower cost, is facilitated

• Less invasive for the animal than using mammalian hosts for the production of polyclonal antibodies

• Antibodies have excellent potential as diagnostic agents because they are not recognized by mammalian Fc receptors and do not react with the complement thus reducing non-specific background signal

• As with mammalian systems, the production and selection of monoclonal antibodies is feasible

Advantages to you:

• Rapid generation of your antibodies

• Low cost per antibody

• Possibility of producing very large quantities of antibody

How to order from us:

For custom-made antibody(s), simply supply us with your antigen (peptide or purified protein) or the coding sequence of your protein and we will provide you with high-quality, specific antibodies customized to your needs and interests. Or select a product from our catalogue

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