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Proteomics and functional genomics are currently the key research strategies mapping protein function and biological processes in a high-throughput mode. These methodologies pave the road for a greater understanding of intracellular and physiological mechanisms in a systematic manner as well as for the identification of new targets for drug development.

These new approaches encompass multiple stepwise procedures starting from the Preparation of Starting Material (be it in the form of serum/plasma, tissues or cultured cells, or even isolated cell compartments), followed by Rapid Separation Methods and/or Protein Fractionation, Array Analysis (DNA/RNA or protein) or Mass Spectrometric Analysis (LC-MS, MS-MS), Bio-Informatics Manipulations of Data (using available key software tools and developed project-specific software tools, as well as relevant DNA/protein databases), Project-Based Data Interpretation (relative to molecular interactions, post-translational modifications, and, for cellular proteins, to intracellular localization), to finally High-Throughput Target Validation.

Our team of Ph.D. research scientists (with extensive academic and industry know-how) can help you in all facets of Discovery Methodologies described above including High-throughput Protein Data Acquisition, Validation and Interpretation, as well as Proteomics Platform Development.

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