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IgY production -

HyperOmics Farma produces custom-made primary antibodies. An ideal solution for proteomics-based protein discovery platforms, we will provide you with a means to gain insight into the function of novel proteins, be it receptors, signaling molecules, or regulatory proteins, which might also serve as important drug targets or serum biomarkers in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Antibodies are the tool that will uncover the cellular localization of that protein as well as important binding and signaling partners, two key parameters key to deciphering protein function. Your novel protein’s importance as marker of disease state can also be confirmed by the use of a quickly raised specific antibody that we will provide.

Simply supply us with your antigen (peptide or purified protein)  or ask us to express your protein for you (see our Protein Expression Service) and we will provide you with high quality specific antibodies custom to your needs and interests. For ethical reason, HyperOmics Farma uses proven procedures to generate antibodies in chickens as per harvested from hatched eggs. The antibodies localized in the egg yolk (termed IgY’s) are polyclonal and are present at high concentrations.


Advantages to you:

  • Rapid generation of your antibodies
  • Low cost per antibody
  • Successful production of highly useable antibodies owing
    to the phylogenetic distance between chicken and mammalian systems
  • Antibodies have excellent potential as diagnostic agents

Custom generation of polyclonal antibodies in hens takes seven to eight (7-8) weeks. Hens are injected using TiterMax Gold TM adjuvant, as recommended by Animal Care Committees, to minimize discomfort to animals. Animals are immunized with one primary injection of antigen (two sites of injection) followed by two boost injections (at 3 and 6 weeks post-primary injection). Purified IgY from five “pre-immune” eggs is provided with each order. QC for all our preparations is done by Coomassie blue-stained SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE)(QC provided with order). Antibodies can be provided in different formats: diluted yolk, purified IgY, or protein/peptide-purified IgY.

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