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Protein Production -

Provide us with the nucleotide sequence or the Gi number of your protein(s) of interest and we will express enough protein (mgs) for antibody production or for any of your projects that would require expressed protein.


You will access an expression pipeline that combines automated high-throughput gateway recombinant-based system providing a >98% success rate for amplification of DNA fragments up to 3000bp in length combined with the systematic cloning in four different vectors driving the bacterial expression of tagged fusion proteins (6His and other solubilization tags). Protein expression uses a hierarchy of defined protocols selected for maximum expression probability estimated for predicted biochemical and biophysical properties of proteins as well as your requirements (purity, amount requested,). Protein purification of recombinant proteins uses a fully automated procedure based on magnetic beads technologies.


(Mammalian protein expression will be available as of the beginning of 2006)


For any information on our current and coming products, please contact us...

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